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We can provide technical assistance to help your community:

  • Implement a Memphis Model Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program 

  • Plan and host a Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) workshop

Developing a CIT program is a rewarding experience, but it can feel overwhelming when you're just getting started. Let us help you and your team get the maximum benefit from your program by maintaining fidelity with the core elements of CIT.



You have been with us from the start in getting our CIT up and running, and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you.  I’m not sure where we would be if you hadn’t been there with us at all these meetings to get this thing off the ground.


I know I also speak for Major Lane from the sheriff’s department in saying both agencies are very committed to this project, are very pleased with the work Sgt. Eichel and Sgt. Whipker are doing, and know their climb would have been much steeper without you!


You have our gratitude!"

-Jay Frederick

Administrative Captain

Criminal Investigations Division

Columbus Police Department

Technical Assistance

Marianne Halbert.jpg

Marianne Halbert, JD

Criminal Justice Director

NAMI Indiana

Marianne was part of Indianapolis' CIT steering committee for years when she was a public defender representing clients in mental health court. Since coming to NAMI Indiana in 2011, she has attended a Train-the-Trainer with Sam Cochran and his team regarding the verbal de-escalation/roleplay module for CIT, has been a Certified CIT Coordinator through CIT International since 2019, was certified by CIT International in their first "Train the Trainer" focused on the 40-hour curriculum in 2021, is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM), is a certified QPR (suicide prevention) trainer and is a certified SIM (Sequential Intercept Model) Facilitator. Marianne has helped numerous local Indiana communities develop their own CIT programs.

Stephanie Quiring, JD, PhD

CIT Indiana Researcher

Stephanie Quiring received her Juris Doctorate from the Howard University School of Law and received her Ph.D from the Indiana University School of Social Work.  Stephanie has spent over 15 years as an advocate, educator, and attorney on behalf of criminal defendants.  Today her research is focused at the nexus of the criminal justice system and social service systems.  She is immediately focused on the interaction between police and people in acute mental health crisis.  Stephanie is a Indiana University lecturer and teaches a range of research, policy, and statistics courses. She is our CIT Indiana researcher, is a certified SIM (Sequential Intercept Model) Facilitator, and will help you assess the effectiveness and reach of your CIT program.

CIT is more than training pin.jpg

CIT is MUCH more than training

Let us help you!

The "T" in CIT stands for TEAM (not training). While the 40-hour training for law enforcement is important, it's only one of 10 Core Elements of CIT. Let us help you build a well-rounded program that will create positive systems change and sustainability. You do not have to do this alone!

Sequential Intercept Model

NAMI Indiana's SIM Mapping Network

NAMI Indiana brought Policy Research Associates (PRA) to Indiana in January 2023, and for the first time, Indiana now has individuals certified to facilitate SIM mapping workshops in our state. We began facilitating SIM Mapping workshops in the fall of 2023. View the SIM Application Readiness Overview (above) and when you're ready, apply to request a SIM Mapping Workshop through NAMI Indiana's SIM Mapping Network. There is a waitlist as demand has been high, so please prepare to be patient.

SIM Logo 2023.PNG

The Sequential Intercept Model

The Sequential Intercept Model examines how individuals impacted by mental illness come into contact with and move through the criminal justice system. SIM mapping workshops help communities identify assets and gaps in their systems, and generate a strategic plan for improvement.

PRA SIM-No Logo.png

Get in touch today to learn more about  how NAMI Indiana can assist you regarding CIT, SIM mapping, or training for professionals.

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