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The CIT Indiana Coordinator Toolkit is for CIT Coordinators only. But please see many other resources below.

Resources for the 10 Core Elements
(see below)

  1. Partnerships: Law Enforcement, Advocacy, Mental Health

  2. Community Ownership: Planning, Implementation & Networking

  3. Policies and Procedures

  4. CIT: Officer, Dispatcher, Coordinator

  5. Curriculum: CIT Training

  6. Mental Health Receiving Facility: Emergency Services

  7. Evaluation and Research

  8. In-Service Training

  9. Recognition and Honors

  10. Outreach: Developing CIT in other communities

Resources: Text
Resources: Text

From CIT International:

Position Papers and Resources

“a nonprofit membership organization whose primary purpose is to facilitate understanding, development, and implementation of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs throughout the U.S. and worldwide in order to promote and support collaborative efforts to create and sustain more effective interactions among law enforcement, mental health care providers, individuals with mental illnesses, their families, and communities and to reduce the stigma of mental illness.”

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Programs: A Best Practice Guide for Transforming Community Responses to Mental Health Crises

CIT International Conference

Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements

CIT Broad Overview

Position Statement on Providing CIT Training in the Pre-Service Academy

Position Statement on CIT as a Specialist/Generalist Model - Not Mandated Training

Position Statement on Non-Law Enforcement Participants in CIT Trainings

Mental Health First Aid or CIT: What Should Law Enforcement Do?

Resources: Text
Resources: Text

Resources specific to Indiana

NAMI Indiana

"Preparing for and Responding to a Crisis" Booklet

Legislation describing the function of the CIT Indiana Technical Assistance Center (I.C. 5-2-21.2-6)

CIT Indiana Coordinator Manual

Immediate Detention Law (aka up to a 24-hour hold; I.C. 12-26-4)

CIT Indiana Mini-Grant Application Form

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